About The Charity

The Dabaso School Charity is a recognized UK Charity (HMRC Number XT11091).

It was established in January 2007 by Graham and Ann Muriel Lawrence with the purpose of supporting the Dabaso School in the Watamu Village in Kenya through the charitable donation of funds.

Currently, the charity assists over 1,600 students and 22 teachers. It seeks to provide funds and assistance to the school by:

  • Providing learning/teaching supplies to the students and staff
  • Repairing and enhancing the school facilities
  • Providing facilities to improve the health and safety of students and staff

The charity works in partnership with the Head Teacher and Chairman of the School Management Committee to deliver the Dabaso School Business Plan. It uses a local work force and sources local materials wherever possible, which not only benefits the local community and economy.

How to reach Dabaso School:

  • Travelling from Mombasa along the Mombasa/Malindi highway turn right at Gedi and follow the road to Watamu
  • At Timboni turn right where there is a sign for Dabaso
  • The school is approximately thirty minutes walk along this track/informal road
  • Alternatively it can be reached by a vehicle travelling slowly