Some of our Work

“Dabaso School used to be down, with poor examination results; now it is going up and is giving hope to everyone, we thank you very much” - Dabaso School parent

In November 2009 when our charity was in the very early stages of its work, 162 children sat the national Standard 8 examinations. Only 10 passed to go to secondary school.

In November 2010, 197 sat the examination with 136 passing to go to secondary school and 15 were allocated places at vocational training  college.

Of the successful candidates who were allocated places at secondary school two girls passed to go to National Schools which are the top government schools in Kenya.

These results were the best that Dabaso School had achieved for 13 years.

Some of the projects that we have been able to complete include:

  • Painting of 12 refurbished classrooms
  • Distribution of essential writing materials to 550 children in the first three years of their education so that they could complete their end of year tests/examinations
  • Provision of exercise books and essential writing materials to 202 children who began their education in the first year
  • Planted 200 Ashoka tree seedlings between the classrooms and the perimeter fence to act as a wind break and provide much needed shade
  • 15 new seats/desks each will accomodate either 3 younger or 2 older children

Image shows road from Timboni to Dabaso School in the distance